Our Partnership with Plastic Oceans

You might've noticed we've launched our carbon neutral t-shirt collection in partnership with Plastic Oceans UK. Every t-shirt sold from this collection will donate 10% to the charity, but why did we choose to work with Plastic Oceans?
As a new brand, we do our best to be sustainable but we're never going to be perfect. There's also a conflict for us between wanting to create and not wanting to contribute to the problem, which is why we wanted to give something back and work with a charity that's helping to solve one of the world's major problems.
Plastic is particularly a problem in the fashion industry from packaging to the microfibres released when you wash your clothes - more than a third of ocean microplastic comes from the fashion industry and this eventually ends up in the food chain. This is why we chose to work with Plastic Oceans UK.   
Plastic Oceans UK is trying to solve the plastic crisis through science, sustainability and education programmes, and also advise us on the best fabrics and manufacturing practices to reduce our impact.   
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